Automate your communication, and get data where it’s needed.

Security 2025 by the Australian Security Industry Association, states there is a trend of increasing technology use and automation to improve efficiency. Internet of Things (IoT) in security and building management systems alert the team to actions required.

Dispatch and coordinate mobile or patrol response.

Role-based or group messaging is integral to organising mobile patrol response. If a sensor creates an alert, have this relayed to an on-duty mobile response unit for investigation or attendance. Automating this or integrating messaging into your operations centre allows your team to attend site more quickly if there is an emergency.

Effectively communicate alerts from sensors.

Smart buildings have an increasing number of sensor applications available. Temperature, humidity, smoke and carbon monoxide, motion and occupancy, air quality, electrical currents, even accelerometers and gyroscopes inside devices to detect object movement and therefore potential theft. With ikonix Technology's solutions, get that information to boots on the ground to respond to the situation.

Integrate duress alerts for emergencies.

Security services come with high degree of danger. Your team needs a fast way to request assistance. With duress rip-cord pendants and buttons integrated into the system, operations centres and support can be alerted for immediate response. The team member needing support simply pulls the cord or pushes the button and help is on the way.

HVAC operator

Messenger takes information from your systems, and outputs to a triaged list or group of contacts. We relay your vital data to the appropriate user device. Regardless of the equipment your teams (or even contractors) have, we get the message where it needs to be. Groups can also acknowledge or accept a task issued, with everyone else in the group seeing that someone will be responding, saving wasted effort and over-servicing.

Using Connect, your switchboards can issue task requests and have your team accept or decline the job at the push of a button. If a guard is still engaged in a prior call, for example, they can decline the request, allowing it to be assigned elsewhere. This avoids building up concurrent tasks and reducing response times to critical incidents. Groups can also acknowledge or accept a task issued, with everyone else in the group seeing that someone will be responding, saving wasted effort and over-servicing.

Facilities managers have responsibility for the environmental controls of their infrastructure. Everything from HVAC and refrigeration, to smoke detection and fire control. When you are alerted to a potential hazard, you need to respond quickly and comprehensively. By including solutions such as Ikonix Billboard, you can display localised safety information, or through Messenger announce evacuation orders generated by system sensors.

When something goes wrong, or you need to provide clear information about assets or personnel, it’s important you have robust, complete recordkeeping. Built for the stringent requirements of the health sector, the Ikonix Connect app maintains records of time-stamped messages in and out of the system, along with personnel acknowledgements of task assignments.