Ikonix Technology consults with leading organisations to inform their communications tech stack.

We partner with major public and private sector organisations to provide crucial expertise for communications system design, implementation and management. From state-wide radio transmission projects, to integrating single-site infrastructure, Ikonix Technology provides the advice you can rely on.

Clinical workflow integration.

Hospitals and health services have defined but evolving clinical workflows that drive patient care. At every step of those processes, there are opportunities to find efficiencies with how these flow through your infrastructure and technology solutions. Ikonix Technology, as specialists in communication technology, can work with your organisation to map workflow and find new ways to achieve interoperability in your technology, to help you deliver more for community health.

Project management.

In collaboration with our customer stakeholders, Ikonix Technology takes a leading hand in communications systems delivery. We help major organisations in the public or private sectors to develop realisable project objectives, create a comprehensive plan, allocate and distribute finite resources, and manage risk and performance through delivery. Our involvement can be tailored to meet yours and your project's needs, from external advice, ideation and assessment, to inside leadership and facilitation. Let Ikonix Technology help you achieve your project goals.

Systems engineering.

To achieve an interoperable, interdependent communications system, you need quality, experienced systems engineering. The Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite is a prime example of the systems expertise we bring to our customers. Ikonix Technology can assist your organisation with all parts of systems engineering, from conception and design of robust, intricate systems, to their harmonious operations and performance review. 

Software development.

Ikonix Technology develops of mission-critical software solutions. With our team's experience in the Defence industry, and ongoing work with mining, emergency services, and some of Australia's largest hospitals, we have the capability and the capacity to help you design, develop and deliver custom software applications. This includes integrating new features and third-party solutions into our existing suite, such as into Ikonix Messenger, or standalone applications to meet your unique needs.

RF Engineering

Your paging system is only as good as the coverage it offers for your mobile workforce. Ikonix Technology is an Australian leader in RF systems consultation. For organisations looking to deploy a paging system for the whole state, a remote mine site, or overcoming blackspots in a hospital, Ikonix technology can help. We will work with you from building design or site-level signal analysis, and recommend a best-fit communications solution that addresses the your needs now and into the future.