Comprehensive communication built for hospitals, ready for anything.

Sharing information has never been more vital to productivity.

In every organisation, efficient communication management optimises productivity across the workforce and safeguards the performance of critical assets.

At Ikonix Technology we see two key perspectives for how information is shared within an organisation: the connected workforce, and the connected environment.

Connecting your personnel drives productivity. You need to keep teams updated with operational information and alerts.

Ikonix UMS seamlessly integrates your information sources and destinations, ensuring your entire team remains connected, no matter their preferred communication device—be it a pager, smartphone with SMS, the Ikonix Connect mobile app, or a DECT phone handset.

Contact team members by text, voice or even video, so you can give or receive instruction, consult, and collaborate to solve problems, or anything else you need to achieve.

Communication doesn’t stop at your people. With the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly expanding, your assets are becoming more communicative than ever. Ikonix UMS seamlessly bridges the gap, connecting these assets to your network, efficiently processing and delivering data to the right recipients.

This could be your fire system communicating with security or facilities team on the ground, boilers or pressure gauges alerting maintenance personnel, or a nurse call system paging clinical staff while they’re mobile, instead of tying them to a station.

By optimising your site's technology and connectivity, your workforce can focus on meaningful tasks instead of waiting for information or getting involved in redistributing data.

How does it work?

The Ikonix UMS brings together a suite of applications bundled and deployed to meet your organisation's needs. The foundation is Ikonix Messenger, our Message Integration Engine (MIE). Messenger connects all your people (no matter what device they use), and all your systems. It’s the processing and distribution of data.

Information is ingested from an operator or system, processed by the MIE, and transmitted out to SMS, our secure smartphone app Ikonix Connect, or more. Beyond those are WebConnect, our desktop switchboard system; Billboard, our display solution; and Encode, the routing used to include radio paging in your communications system.

Messenger icon orange

Ikonix Messenger MIE

Messenger, our Message Integration Engine is the core of your organisation’s communication. 

Integrate a wide range of solutions such as nurse call, Building Management Systems (BMS), security sensors, duress alarms, and other applications with Ikonix Messenger.

Push these messages to SMS, pager, Ikonix Connect, or all end points at once, to ensure information is received and acted upon.

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Ikonix WebConnect

WebConnect is Ikonix Technology’s browser-based switchboard. 

From an on-site or even remote operations environment a contact centre representative uses WebConnect to dispatch information to relevant personnel.

Send information to the most appropriate end point, such as a page or Ikonix Connect, or all destinations for one, or many stakeholders at once.

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Ikonix Connect

Ikonix Connect is the smartphone app built for critical messaging. 

Communicate and collaborate by voice, video, or text; share files and photos; and contact the right person by role type and available status, instead of thumbing through on-call rosters. Connect keeps every part of your workforce within arm’s reach.

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Ikonix Encode

Ikonix Encode is how we integrate radio paging. 

By incorporating legacy networks into the communications ecosystem, we can leverage the user experience and benefits of paging technology for critical messaging, while integrating these into the wider technology stack, for reliable communications.

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Ikonix Billboard

Wide-format, customisable displays connected to the MIE.

Keep a local area informed with Message Integration Engine-connected display configured to the needs of that location. Replace ageing LED paging signs on a hospital ward or customer waiting area with a modern display for your communications system.

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Ikonix TeleConnect

Give your personnel convenient access to text communication from a landline phone.

Better utilise your team's time and existing telephony network. TeleConnect offers a simple way to generate paging, SMS or Ikonix Connect message from a desktop phone, allowing recipients to respond when available, rather than answering the ringing phone.

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