Capture data that matters, and deliver it to people who need it.

Ikonix Messenger, the Message Integration Engine (MIE), seamlessly gathers data from an organisation's assets and infrastructure, delivering it into the hands of individuals prepared to take action.

Ensures that accurate, timely information reaches those who require it most.

Simplifying a complex network.

Ikonix Messenger serves as the central hub for your communication system, linking various IoT and other solution APIs. It processes and seamlessly transmits data according to your defined workflows.

  • Person to person.
  • System to person.
  • System to system.
  • Multiple endpoints in a process.

Working with clients and their vendors, Ikonix Technology has developed and implemented MIE integrations for more than 90 applications. From nurse call buttons to BMS and fire systems, we can get information from source to destination with speed and security.

This diagram illustrates the potential within a connected hospital environment, powered by Ikonix Messenger. In other industries, similar solutions can be tailored to suit various scenarios, such as a manufacturing plant or industry-specific IoT solutions.

Ikonix Messenger is the foundation of the connected workplace.

Advanced clinical solutions.

Patient workflows and records are becoming increasingly automated. Share updates, diagnostic results or other data using our Message Integration Engine, Ikonix Messenger. Save clinicians' time and effort by keeping vital information at their fingertips, to improve your quality of care.

EMR on tablet

Building Management Systems (BMS).

Advanced Building Management Systems produce increasing data volumes. Empower your personnel to efficiently manage and maintain your infrastructure by channeling this data through Ikonix Messenger. Deliver critical information from HVAC, elevators, and other occupant comfort and utility solutions directly into their hands.


Fire and security.

Building and security teams are aware of the array of fire and alarm solutions available in the market. Whether it's a single network-connected sensor or a comprehensive package of solutions, Ikonix Messenger can efficiently receive and distribute your alerts, ensuring a rapid response.

Fire alarm

Duress alerts.

The safety of your staff and visitors is a vital responsibility. Many organisations require the deployment of duress alerts to swiftly generate a call for assistance. Ikonix Messenger seamlessly collaborates with both fixed duress buttons and wireless systems to distribute alarm messages to the HSE or security teams, facilitating a rapid and effective response.

Duress button

Communication outputs.

Along with leveraging Ikonix Connect and radio paging as destinations, we have integrated with a variety of other platforms and messaging technologies. Ikonix Messenger can output to SMS through secure gateways such as Twilio, Esendex, and Whispr, or using major mobile carrier services like Telstra and Optus. 

We also support PABX systems and DECT telephony, ensuring the messages your systems generate can be dispatched to and received by your team, no matter what your current infrastructure enables.