In harsh environments, enable communication & collaboration.

The Minerals Council of Australia states that the mining industry depends on flexible and resilient workers, and is becoming increasingly data-driven and reliant on advanced technical skills such as in robotics and communications.

Your team is in the field, but not out of contact.

Mining and oil & gas workers can be very far into regional and remote Australia. This means frequently out of mobile coverage, even setting up camps without a cellular tower nearby. Ikonix Technology can establish radio paging for sites, as well as integrated duress or man-down alerts. Even where the field has mobile coverage, this cannot be relied on in the event of emergency, making radio as a backup the strongest option.

Supporting every site from a single portal.

The mining and resources sector needs to communicate with urban and suburban operations controls, regional and remote camps and production, and even international locations. Taking a best-fit approach to the types of communication we deploy allows Ikonix Technology to create a bespoke solution to meet your unique needs and manage these without fixed location requirements.

Automate environmental alerts for a safe team.

When producing or refining, the workplace can be home to dangerous substances. Frequently this means you’ve set up a suite of environmental sensors to alert to gas build up or other hazards that can cause occupational illnesses. By automating these systems communicating with the right response teams, your on-site people can focus on getting to safety, and your specialists can get there sooner.

Mining truck

Fieldworkers with Ikonix Connect can quickly find the right specialist with role-based messaging. That could be health and safety, maintenance, or other advisors, to ensure the task is done right.

With quick response actions in Connect, publish information from head office or a work camp, and have the team respond or acknowledge the data.

In WebConnect you can set up on-call rostering to manage coverage of specialists and Connect users can hand- or takeover shifts, and ensure uninterrupted production and team safety.

Mines and oilfields are in the most remote of locations. From offshore oilrigs to FIFO-only sites, short of erecting a complete mobile phone network for the entire exploration region, communication becomes difficult to do at scale. With a solution as robust and proven as radio paging, Ikonix Technology can help you deploy a paging network across your sites, and then connect this back to your base of operations, for seamless integration.

Extracting resources has become a technologically advanced endeavour. Organisations now use a wealth of internet connected devices. This includes optimisation and performance monitoring on equipment, processing and distribution, and the safety of your personnel. Having assembled a string of solutions in your value chain, Ikonix Messenger can connect these to your communications stack, and get that information delivered to your decision-makers.

By ensuring interoperability, Ikonix Technology supports either assigning assets , or allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This becomes especially useful when engaging networks of contractors for different roles. Exploration teams could communicate via Ikonix Connect as part of the broader team, receiving important alerts from base, even when not formally part of the organisation. Operational teams can effectively communicate with all personnel by the most appropriate mechanism, sending information to any output methods, be it Ikonix Connect, SMS text message, or even paging, and always ensure consistent communication.