Security and data privacy are embedded in what we do.

Cyber security is vital when working with critical communications. From secure app data access and storage, to protecting your messages in transit, Ikonix technology ensures your communications not only get where they're needed, but only where they're supposed to be.

Private communications through encryption.

Many of our customers require data to be stored for significant, often legislated periods of time. Data storage therefore needs levels of security so you can be assured of privacy.

Ikonix Technology’s servers are encrypted. This happens at the issuing device end where possible, or upon receipt to Messenger. Information can only be decrypted by administrators to enable investigation, rather than being ‘end-to-end’ encrypted, which would prevent that layer of operational security.

Ikonix Connect requires PIN or biometric security on the device. Data is shared from phone conveyed to server within your private network or via VPN, using HTTPS. Data stored locally (i.e., on the smartphone itself) is encrypted, so even backups cannot access organisational information.

Onshore and redundant information management.

Many of our clients build or manage critical infrastructure. This means they have unique requirements for security and system resiliency. Most if not all of our customers specifically require all data to reside within Australia, as well as offer additional layers of redundancy in case of emergency.

In cloud deployments, we commit to always hosting data within industry-recognised leaders with those levels of protection, and within Australian-based data centres. For on-premises deployments, your data remains within your existing secure environments, with Ikonix Technology’s layers of security for additional protection.

Customised security deployments.

In some instances, customers will have unique requirements to ensure a truly private data management plan. Ikonix Technology can and will work with you and your cyber security specialists to develop a program of security to meet your specific needs, and work within your environment.

Our background in Defence and expertise in deploying to major Health institutions gives us a unique appreciation for the privacy and security needs of critical communications.

Ikonix Connect, our mobile app, has been thoroughly penetration tested and certified, to offer additional confirmation that your data privacy is ensured.