Use your Wi-Fi for worker safety, and asset security.

From personnel to diagnostic equipment or expensive tools, you need to invest in safety and security. Leverage your existing technology to locate and respond to critical situations within your workplace.

Keep personnel safe.

Whether it's patients or residents in a healthcare setting, or workers mobile on your site, you have a duty of care to keep them safe. By providing location tags to them, you can quickly and easily find their exact location when you need to. Proximity detection allows notification if a worker or someone under your care is leaving the premises, so you can respond quickly. With patients or personnel who might be more at risk from critical events, the location system can also include a duress alert. Using the AiRISTA B4n, for example, a simple pull-cord activates a location-specific duress event which triggers a workflow, so your security team get a page, or an Ikonix Connect critical notification to get there ASAP.

Locate equipment when you need it.

How much time are you wasting looking for missing hardware? Adding a simple locator beacon to every item of value means your team can find it quickly, so they're not losing productive time searching the workplace, and both your people and assets are making the most of your investment in both. Through proximity detection you can stop wandering assets leaving the premises, to prevent loss, damage or theft. With the AiRISTA A4n, for example, an alert is triggered if or when an asset is leaving a configured zone, ensuring your security response can intercede before it's accidentally or deliberately gone.

Integrated into your communications stack.

Using Ikonix Messenger, our Message Integration Engine, your RTLS information is included within the rest of your communications ecosystem. Alerts generated by the location system are ingested by Messenger and conducted through your custom workflow to the people and devices you need. Ikonix Messenger allows RTLS alerts to trigger actions for people, such as response requests by page, Ikonix Connect, or even SMS. The MIE also allows system-to-system control, such as an asset beacon prompting other security systems, such as door locks or CCTV camera movement.

How can RTLS be used to improve outcomes across industries?

The health sector has a large, mobile workforce, and care of all walks of life. Clinicians and administrators have significant responsibility for at-risk people, expensive equipment, and often very tight budgets. From patients who might elope, to on-ward diagnostic equipment moving across wards or departments, there are many applications for an RTLS solution.

Clients in residential care can be unpredictable. By monitoring their whereabouts, and installing proximity alerting connected to your communications system, your team can oversee their movements and prevent absconding. The residents themselves can also utilise a duress alert to receive immediate assistance, to ensure they receive swift attention in case of medical emergency.

Teachers, resource officers and administrators have a difficult time managing dozens of young people every day. In a critical situation, it's vital to know where your staff are on campus, and provide them the ability to signal for urgent assistance. If a teacher needs help in a classroom, a simple push-button or pull-cord alert can generate a notification to security, office staff, or health professionals on-site.

When your business revolves around maintaining an inventory of rentable assets, you need to know where they are at all times. In warehouses or on lots, potentially featuring dozens of almost-identical assets, it can be difficult to identify the specific item for targeted maintenance, or release to a customer. Using an asset tag affixed to each piece of equipment, you can find where it is, when you need it.

Agribusiness is another industry with many moving parts. It could be tools, plant and machinery, or even livestock. Equipping your assets with location detection allows you to find what you need, and round it up. Agriculture is also one of the riskiest businesses, accounting for more injuries and even deaths at work than the rest of the economy. With an RTLS solution that features personal duress, your team can signal for help, and responders will know where to find them.