Our quality and capabilities are always on display.

Ikonix Technology is audited and certified to a variety of independent benchmarks, from our commercial partners to global quality standards.

Governments and enterprises rely on us to deliver unbeaten quality at all times.

ISO 9001-accredited to deliver quality for our customers.

Our quality framework ensures consistency and reliability. We focus on continuous improvement of products, services, and our QMS to contribute to the hardware, software, and on-site services for the manufacture and support of interoperable communication systems.

Being accredited by Sci Qual International means we undergoes extensive, frequent and independent assessment by industry-trusted auditors.

Certified partner to major global manufacturers.

As the sales and distribution partner for major businesses, Ikonix Technology delivers and supports their technologies for the Australian or South Australian markets. 

To achieve this we have sought out and been awarded certification by household names in technology, either at an organisational level, or completed by the leadership team within Ikonix Technology.

In the panel of pre-approved suppliers to government.

To continue to facilitate government purchasing, Ikonix Technology has been rigorously assessed by procurement teams through competitive tender processes. This has led to our ongoing membership on panels of pre-approved government suppliers.

This includes to the Commonwealth (federal) government, as well as both SA and NSW. 

Approved government supplier panels.

Australia (Commonwealth)

Ikonix Technology is an approved member of what was formerly the Australian Government Digital Marketplace, now known as BuyICT.

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New South Wales

Having been successful in a competitive tender, Ikonix Technology is a member of the NSW Government's Information and Technology (Infrastructure and network, and Telecommunications) and Professional Services (excluding Consultancies) panels.

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South Australia

As an assessed and approved member of the SA Health Professional Services Panel, Ikonix Technology can offer a variety of services. These include Project, Business and Advisory, Asset Planning Support and ICT.