Efficiency in infrastructure management through communication.

Infrastructure management faces a wave of digitisation and tightening workforce conditions, according to EY. With solutions such predictive maintenance, KPMG suggest that long-term efficiencies can be found, to improve asset lifecycle.

Privacy and security in your communications.

Managing critical infrastructure can mean stringent requirements about communication. Similar to the privacy requirements faced in the Health, being able to collaborate on infrastructure maintenance and construction in a secure manner is often a contractual requirement for this work. Keeping your data stored within the app, and organisational information stored with industry leaders and on Australian soil, we can assure our utilities and telecommunications partners of the security of their critical information.

Communicate with your field teams in one place.

Field teams often cover vast distances to manage infrastructure. Offering a unified platform to communicate and collaborate can help them get more done with limited resources. Using Ikonix Connect on iOS or Android, your workers can communicate with one another and base, or request consultation with ease. Take up any handset device, or avoid assigning assets to contractors. Simply have temporary outsourced workers install the app and join your network.

Make better use of sensor data for immediate response.

Much of your infrastructure is set up with alerts from sensors and other information. If an issue arises from a sensor, Ikonix Messenger can alert appropriate staff by their availability status for swift action. Automate actions and repeat alerts on a configurable pattern to ensure everyone has the right information. Data can even be issued by any or every means to get the message conveyed, with SMS, notifications in Connect, or radio paging for non-cellular sites.

Electricity grid workers

When a difficult problem arises, your team need to consult with your experts, but they're likely off-site. Rather than sending a full team to every task, enabling them to communicate and collaborate spreads your finite resources further. A technician at a remote site can contact, based on a prescribed role, the right specialist advisor on-call, even though they’re working from at another location. 

Much like the health sector, your team needs to be available 24-7 should an issue arise with vital infrastructure. You have SLAs and a demanding community to manage. With Ikonix WebConnect you can schedule and publish on-call rosters. In the field using Ikonix Connect on their phone, team members can handover or takeover shifts, ensuring you have uninterrupted coverage

Infrastructure traverses the continent, but mobile phone cellular coverage does not. For locations without coverage, or for a robust and reliable solution when phone towers go down, radio paging is the answer. Ikonix Encode brings paging technology into the modern communications stack, allowing switchboard operations to easily page technicians in the field.

When alerted to an issue, you need your field staff to get to site quickly. This might interrupt critical planned works. Using Ikonix Connect you can issue job alerts and have your teams on the ground acknowledge and respond to the concern, without ringing around to find someone available. If they’re not able to attend because they’re in the middle of something crucial, they simply decline the request, so others can respond.