Staff safety is vital to your duty of care.

No matter what work your team undertakes, managing risk is key to success. Ikonix technology deploys duress or safety beaconing solutions for all kinds of environments.

Real-time location service duress solutions.

Track your team or guests, and give them an alarm solution connected to your communications network. With a simple-push button or pull-cord on an RTLS tag, someone under your care can alert safety respondents to their exact location, for swift action. Connecting a wearable tag to through Ikonix Messenger, the Message Integration Engine allows a duress alert to issue attendance requests by page or Ikonix Connect, or even the slower SMS.

Fixed solutions, installed into your infrastructure.

For areas with higher risk or more personnel coming in and out, a fixed solution might be best. Install a fixed duress alert into the system, so in a critical situation people in that location can send out the SOS at the push of a button, or flick of a switch. Ikonix Technology can source specific interactive solutions to meet your need for activation, accessibility, or discretion. 

Integrated mobile solutions with duress capability.

The equipment you issue your team needs to be flexible to meet their needs. Integrated technologies such as the Ascom Myco 3 offer smartphone technologies with equipped on-board duress alarms. Workers can use the handset as a mobile on-site, making calls and using apps such as Ikonix Connect, as well as hit the panic button if or when they need help.

Ikonix Technology deploys alert and duress systems that integrate into your existing systems. Our real-time location service duress applications can connect to either Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi. For a fixed alternative, we can implement a system of panic buttons physically attached to your infrastructure.

Both types can then be integrated, via Ikonix Messenger our Message Integration Engine, into your communication system, to dispatch alerts to the necessary responding personnel. Have a page or other message sent to the security or safety team to keep your team safe.

In some critical events, discretion is important to avoid further aggravating the situation. Personal mobile solutions, such as the AiRISTA B4n are small and light enough to be carried in pockets, or swing from a lanyard, with a simple pull-cord for duress alerting. Alternatively Ikonix technology can implement a system of more inconspicuous fixed duress solutions, so responders can intercede with less fanfare.

In many environments it's vital people in your care stay on the premises. In settings such as health, disability, aged care, and education there are risks if your charges stay in the controlled space. My implementing a system such as the AiRISTA W7 wrist tags, you can be alerted to people wandering or eloping off-site, so your team can retrieve them and maintain health and safety for all.

In situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also be important to ensure hygiene. The same solution can assist with social distancing and contact tracing, as well as alert workers to perform hand-washing tasks.

With in-built accelerometers, the AiRISTA system's man-down functionality can detect when a wearer is no longer in motion, such as having fallen or become otherwise immobilised. Your site safety and security personnel can then respond to their exact location, to confirm their wellbeing, or render aid, even without that person pushing the duress alarm to request help.