Make better use of your telephony infrastructure.

With Ikonix TeleConnect, your team can generate a page, SMS or Ikonix Connect message from a landline, keeping information flowing through your organisation, and reducing reliance on switchboards.

Making communication easier.

Ikonix TeleConnect is a deceptively simple extension to the Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite. It allows your frontline personnel to use existing landline telephone systems to quickly issue a text message. Integrating into the system through Ikonix Messenger, our Message Integration Engine, TeleConnect means every user with a desktop phone can contact other users by page, SMS or Ikonix Connect message. 

Users can dispatch either preconfigured content (such as 'please contact' or 'attend my location') or a customised numeric message. Caller ID on the sender's line pre-populates the message with their extension for quick call back, or another contact number can be entered.

Leverage your current infrastructure.

Your site more than likely already has a constellation of desktop landlines, or DECT cordless phones for your team. Everyone knows how to use them, and they're baked into your systems and processes.

TeleConnect allows your team to better utilise your existing equipment. The solution integrates with site SIP enabled PBXs via a SIP Trunk or individual extensions, and is backwards compatible with PABX phone systems, ensuring you don't need expensive system upgrades to enable Ikonix TeleConnect.

Save time and effort, reduce distraction.

Instead of calling, ringing out, leaving voicemail — often from a private number — or requesting a page be sent via the switchboard, your team simply picks up the phone and sends a quick message, saving everyone time and effort.

Rather than having an unknown missed call, the recipient has a page or text message with the callback or attendance request, and they can action it appropriately without being distracted from the task at hand. This means more time on both sides for patient interaction, or whatever productive task they need to focus on.

Many locations have an analogue phone system. Rather than replace it or enter into expensive upgrades, we've built Ikonix TeleConnect to be compatible with both, allowing users in older establishments to save time and effort. Ikonix TeleConnect converts analogue to a SIP-based connection for landline paging.

Customisability is key for the comfort of your workforce in using the system. TeleConnect allows you to program the type of voice, masculine or feminine, as well as spoken accents, allowing you to choose the most appropriate touchpoint for your team.

Many of our customers are large sites, such as major hospitals, so we understand the strain the system needs to bear, to ensure the flow of information. Ikonix TeleConnect takes moments to use, but can still support up to 24 simultaneous calls, giving you the capacity you need with room to spare.

Ikonix TeleConnect can be configured to meet your unique needs. If your environment has standard instructions, your team can save time and issue a preconfigured messages to their recipients. In more dynamic situations, you might need to allow them to send specific, once-off messages. TeleConnect supports both, ensuring the right message gets sent every time.