Ikonix WebConnect is the core of critical communication.

Needing only a browser to operate, WebConnect provides switchboard staff with everything they need to be the conduit of information in your network. Easily access the directory to find personnel, program hotkeys for rapid actions, or schedule on-call rosters all in an easy-to-use platform.

Your whole team at the push of a button.

Ikonix WebConnect accesses your entire personnel directory and everyone's contact details, so your switchboard can reach them. The whole team can also have personalised preferences set for a chosen method of contact, so if one doctor prefers a page and another an SMS, they can both be reached as preferred, or every available medium. Find and contact specialists by role, on-call status, or name with ease.

A shortcut to communication.

With programmable Hotkeys, you can set critical, time sensitive, or frequently used actions to be accessed at the push of a button. Call a code blue or black and get specific staff to (or from) a location. Set groups or teams, and messaging escalations to ensure someone available can action the request, making the switchboard the hub of operational efficiency it needs to be.

On-call rostering, accessible for all staff.

Finding the right person on-call is crucial for hospital staff responding to emergencies. Through WebConnect, switchboard staff or department managers can input a roster of personnel, so everyone logged into your environment (e.g. intranet) can view who is on-call, and their best contact details. Rosters can also be templated for recurring patterns, and edited with a drag and drop.

Auditable history of communications.

Every message sent through the system is timestamped and logged. Users can see their sent messages, and shared profiles or aliases show the history of that profile, allowing the whole team oversight to the flow of critical information in your organisation. If an investigation needs to occur, administrators can easily find accurate information as to who knew what, and when.