Enable communication and automate asset management.

A recent KPMG survey in manufacturing showed a need for greater ‘digitisation and connectivity.’ With a shift to more working remotely, even internationally, improved mechanisms for collaborating and communicating are vital.

Integrated systems

Don’t let your data go to waste

The Internet of Things (IoT) explosion has created a vast pool of data. Modern manufacturing plant and equipment are collecting more data than ever before, but the question becomes about how this data gets to the right person. Ikonix Messenger is the messaging engine to collate and distribute this information, regardless of the destination.

Location alarm

Safety alerts need immediate action

Whether a safety incident is recorded by your plant or equipment, or at the notification from one of your team, you need the right response. With person-to-person communication, hotkeys with distribution list contacts, or automated help requests, Ikonix Technology supports a safe workplace. When something goes wrong, you need a fast and effective response.


Manage multi-site or large campuses with ease

Your production might no longer be a single factory location. Many businesses operate large facilities with distributed workers, or even multiple locations within a single region. This necessarily spreads out your team. With our expertise learned in hospitals, our solutions are the right fit for modern manufacturing, helping your team collaborate, request assistance, and manage 24-7 rosters.

Connect your plant to your people with Ikonix Messenger

Messenger is the underlying engine for connecting IoT information to your people. Gather the data outputs of your assets and equipment, and transmit the information and alert notifications to your team by email, SMS, page, or Ikonix Connect.

Ikonix Connect powers security notifications

When a security system detects unusual activity from an entry, a camera or other system, Ikonix Connect can accept this alert and share immediately with security personnel for response. Alert only those necessary to keep everyone else on task, while reducing response times to keep your premises secure.

Use radio paging systems to overcome communication blackspots

For locations with concerns about the coverage or reliability of mobile phone coverage, Ikonix Technology can install distributed radio antennas, underpinned by Ikonix Encode, and maintain functioning communication deep within a facility, or in regional locations with otherwise spotty connectivity.

Run 24-7 with on-call rostering

Many operations need to run all day, every day with rotating shifts. Rostering support resources on-call helps reduce overheads, while ensuring the team have a truly available point of contact. personnel such as maintenance or engineering can be located and contacted quickly, while those not at work remain undisturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Industry 4.0 is a popular term for the trend that has been described as the fourth industrial revolution. That is, the increase in automation, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leveraging data to drive autonomous manufacturing. Where the 3rd revolution was computerisation for manufacturing, the 4th evolves this toward manufacturing with decreasing reliance on human involvement.

Ikonix Technology contributes to business moving in this direction by providing the communication between different systems, with Ikonix Messenger, the Message Integration Engine. We take information from one system to another, including communicating changes to staff. This allows workplaces to become more automated, allowing staff to be more efficient, managing the process, rather than working on a production line, for example.

BMS stands for Building Management System. Just like in a hospital which has systems such as HVAC, security and other facility controls, an advanced manufacturing plant has safety and security features, as well as operational systems such as the heating & cooling, and air quality management.

Ikonix Technology integrates with several BMS vendors active in manufacturing sectors. We transmit system information to mobile workers, so they can intercede before a fault causes disruption to critical manufacturing services.

Ikonix Messenger has already been developed to integrate with more than 90 existing systems. Important for manufacturers are those integrations with building management systems (BMS), as well as communications solutions.

Where a system has an API or even a physical connection we can monitor for data, Ikonix Technology can detect and broadcast this to your team, or to other systems. As a technology-agnostic organisation, we can work across all manner of tech stacks, to ensure your information is routed by customised workflow, always with data security front of mind.

Modern manufacturing workplaces have diverse safety technologies deployed. As Ikonix Technology can work with all kinds of solutions, this could mean delivering critical messaging solutions for movement and man-down/duress alarms, HVAC controllers, in-built accelerometer or gyroscopes inside equipment, air quality sensors such as particulates, carbon dioxide or monoxide detection, or sensors to pick up vibrations, pressure, or electrical current.

The types of solutions in your factory will be specific to the type of work that you undertake, but Ikonix Technology can help you turn this single point-to-point communication into an organisation-wide safety alerting and critical messaging solution.

Advanced manufacturing organisations have significant security needs. This could be both the physical security of the plant, or the data security of sensitive design information and more.

For on-site security, Ikonix Technology can integrate with the monitoring and detection tech that you have installed, from alarm systems to CCTV and access controls. Alerts can be raised by those systems, and transmitted via SMS, email, Ikonix Connect message or even radio paging, to keep your security responders informed.

For data security, as Ikonix Technology services the healthcare industry, we have a keen eye for secure software development. Data is encrypted at rest both on a worker’s smartphone with Ikonix Connect as well as in server on your premises or with our cloud partners.

We undertake routine third-party assessment to have our security measures independently validated.