Ikonix Billboard is a flexible, customisable signage system for modern workplaces.

In a command centre, on a ward, or in a waiting room, there is always relevant information to display. Ikonix Billboard is a complete, network-attached display solution for customised information display.

Ultra-high resolution, ultra-wide displays.

Coming in multiple sizes and formats, Billboard has an enclosed display solution to fit your needs. Ikonix Technology works with our display manufacturing partner to offer

  • 42.2" ultra-wide (16:4)
  • 21.2" ultra-wide (16:2.6)
  • 10" tablet sized (4:3)
  • An external module to turn larger, custom displays into Ikonix Billboard.

Display live communications traffic.

Overseeing operations from a command centre, a security office, or workforce resourcing means taking in multitudes of data and turning it into action. Ikonix Billboard provides an easy, customised feed for your team to see information as it flows through the Message Integration Engine, Ikonix Messenger. See how a Code call is distributed, live duress alerts and more, so you can keep everything on track in real time, without the need to create your own dashboards.

Visible and audible notice for critical information.

For security, safety or other critical alerts, Ikonix Billboard can keep the immediate area informed. With obvious visible alerts and even audible tones, when an alarm goes off the Billboard can display it, including the location of a duress alert, or evacuation commands to the staff or clients in that vicinity. Billboard can be customised to meet the information needs of the people under your duty of care.

When taking charge of multiple sites, your Ikonix Billboard can be customised to include the data from all locations. This lets a central command centre oversee operations and data flow for everyone they need.

To make Ikonix Billboard truly adaptive to its environment, we've ensured that all elements of display are customisable. Fonts, colours, graphics and more can be tailored to that environment's need. Have Code calls announce in the appropriate colour, or scale text to be visible in large or small rooms.

Depending on your network availability or security needs, Ikonix Billboard can be hardwired using an ordinary ethernet connection, or easily added to the secure Wi-Fi network. As it's been developed knowing the needs of hospitals and healthcare, even over a wireless network Billboard is a secure communications endpoint, so your local data remains protected.

Ikonix Billboard is adaptable to its environment. Not only are there multiple sizes making it suitable for different rooms, it can be wall or ceiling mounted using the industry-standard VESA mounting system. Attach it where you need, or attach a directional arm for a more flexible application.