Reliable communications for every emergency.

To manage the demands of response in a country like Australia, the Bushfire and Natural Hazard Cooperative Research Centre recommends emergency services build organisational resilience, and invest in technology that adapts to workers’ needs.


Maintain your 24-hour workforce with on-call rosters.

Rostering coverage is difficult across multiple sites and a distributed team. Ikonix Technology helps you to schedule on-call personnel to respond to any emergency through Ikonix WebConnect. Assign staff, publish rosters, and notify your team of upcoming shifts in your complete messaging platform. 

As EMS workers are mobile and need to flexibility, Ikonix Connect allows for the handover or takeover of roster shifts, to ensure coverage needs are met, and role-based communication from colleagues is routed appropriately.

Phone profile

Role-based messaging, to get the right assistance.

Getting information to, or assistance from the right person is vital in an emergency. With Ikonix Technology’s role-based messaging solution, you can find the right available contact by their position or skillset, to get the support you need. 

Locate the role through Ikonix Connect on your smartphone, or the switchboard or contact centre agent can find them via Ikonix WebConnect, and then relay the information or consultation request by any or all methods, page, text, or email. You can also get in touch by voice or video.

Data security

Resilient and secure communications. 

Emergency services need consistent, reliable communications. By bringing together different types of systems Ikonix Technology provides that security. If it’s radio paging, SMS, email, or Ikonix Connect , we deliver interoperable comms for emergency services in harsh environments.

Our systems are built for the complex demands of health services, and have been taken up by police, fire and emergency services in some of Australia’s most critical circumstances, urban and remote.

Protect your jurisdiction with the reliability of radio

In the event of emergency, first responders need a technology they can trust. Ikonix Technology deploys and manages wide-are radio paging networks for emergency services. Through Ikonix Encode and a suitable paging network, pages can be sent across an entire state, to dispatch rescue teams, fire, ambulance or police, to support you keeping the community safe.

Maintain a 24-7 workforce with on-call rostering

Rostering on-call staff for complete coverage is a difficult task across multiple sites and a distributed workforce. Assign staff to shifts to oversee adequate coverage, and publish rosters, and notify your team of upcoming shifts in your complete messaging platform. As EMS workers are mobile and need to flexibility, Connect also allows for the handover or takeover of roster shifts, to ensure coverage needs are met, and role-based communication from colleagues is routed appropriately.

Decentralised for redundancy

Fire, floods, or other impediments can even render your contact centre inoperable. You need the capacity to deliver continuity even in this most extreme of situations. This is why the nexus of both information processing and access to dispatch can be hosted in the cloud, providing necessary redundancy. Re-establish command at a new emergency control station or mobile centre with browser-based operational control and continue to provide the necessary support and solutions for a community in distress.

Auditable data management for post-event review

As public sector organisations, Australian emergency services need to provide definitive data to investigations after the fact. Emergency responses can often be the subject of inquiries as to who knew what, and when. The Ikonix Unified Messaging System provides reliable data logging and audit trails to allow thorough review of how information is shared, transmitted, and actioned. This provides surety at the time, saves additional time wasted record-keeping during an event, and allows for review and continuous improvement to operational models, to keep delivering the best for Australians.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IUMS can be adapted to any type of environment. As this is a bundle of communications technologies, selecting the appropriate inclusions depends on your unique needs. For example, Ikonix Connect, our smartphone app, will be able to communicate wherever it can access internet, either 3/4/5G cellular, or by Wi-Fi.

While this might be the solution for many field services, the nature of some work types mean that this is not sufficient. In such cases, using the example of the NT’s Police, Fire and Emergency services, we have deployed paging networks to continue unbroken critical communications.

It’s very likely that your current technology puts out some kind of alert or notification. In many cases that’s to one contact, or over a single medium, such as by email or even just a desktop pop-up.

By integrating that output into Ikonix Messenger, we can broadcast that information to wherever the information is needed. That could mean SMS, an Ikonix Connect message, a radio pager message, or to all mediums at once, to ensure the message gets through. We work with customers to establish customised workflows, to appropriately direct your information, and can have notifications escalate if there’s no response, or be routed around offline, or unavailable or unresponsive personnel.

Many organisations need to keep detailed records of their actions. They might be subject to specific regulations or legislation such as Freedom of Information (FOI) laws, or just be handling sensitive matters that could be investigated as a matter of course.

Within the Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite, we provide administrators of the system access to audit logs, a comprehensive reporting solution that identifies all information flowing through the system, from sender to recipient(s).

This includes records of when content is sent, read, acknowledged, and responded to. With calls, the voice audio or video aren’t recorded, the metadata of timing and duration are. Admins can establish who knew what information and when, and investigators can accurately trace how your organisation handled that info. For emergency services, this is vital for improving operational efficiency, as well as when an inquiry or inquest is examining an event.

Emergency services are necessarily 24-7 operations. This means a larger team to cover all hours, and many on-call personnel not actively on duty.

Through Ikonix Connect you can roster personnel to be on-call, published to your intranet so your team knows who is available, and that status is easily visible in-app.

As people depart or arrive for shifts, rosters can be taken over or handed over between them, ensuring coverage needs are met without gaps.

Security is vital for emergency services, as we understand you handle significant amounts of private information.

Firstly, for users of the system from Ikonix WebConnect or Ikonix Connect, the browser and smartphone user interfaces respectively, logins are authenticated against your existing user directory. This ensures no one outside your existing security systems can access the system or any information within.

These users then have tiered levels of access, depending on their role. Only administrators can access audit logs for reporting data, so the more sensitive data is locked down even more securely. These logs can be investigated to offer peace of mind that information is not being misdirected or shared inappropriately.

Information in the system is stored encrypted either at a device level, or on the servers. This is to a military-grade (AES-256) level, reducing the possibility of intrusion. In transit, information is sent point to point through a private network, inaccessible from the outside.

On users’ devices, Ikonix Connect requires biometric or PIN security for the handset itself and encourages a secondary layer with a PIN locking the app. Data including photos taken with the app are stored segregated from the user’s personal data, and backs up to your servers, excluded from phone backups. This means users are not storing a copy of your data on other personal devices when backing up their phone. Ikonix Connect has also been tested by independent security experts, to ensure the privacy of the service.

Ikonix Technology hosts in your choice of two secure methods: on premises deployments to your own controlled infrastructure, or to cloud providers utilising onshore data centres, such as AWS. This ensures data never leaves Australia.

Data is also held in an AES-256 encrypted state, accessible only by specified personnel, so unparalleled security assurance.

The Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite is deployable on-premises or to the cloud. By using the cloud option, your data is kept in a secure off-site location, with levels of redundancy in case of any issues at a database level, on our end.

User interfaces such as Ikonix WebConnect, are browser-based, ensuring recognised users can access from any available internet connected computer, in the event their operations base is inaccessible.