Leap ahead in construction site productivity and efficiency.

Construction is one of the slowest sectors to adopt new technology, according to the Australian Constructors Association. They argue that it’s critical that constructor partner with technology vendors to bring productivity advances to the industry.

Secure communication on-site and from the office.

No matter what kind of project you’re building, communication is key. Facilitating BYOD and the simplicity of a smartphone app in Ikonix Connect, we help you include everyone including subcontractors in your communication network, with video, voice, text or paging solutions.

Asset management with location beacons.

Be alert to asset and equipment loss with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals, and quickly and easily locate your equipment, including being notified when plant moves offsite. Never waste time looking for tools again. These networks can also support duress and safety applications, to protect workers in the field.

Communication solutions that work on every site.

Sometimes a project is happening far away from metro areas. Laying a pipeline or a highway between cities, your team could be out of communication range. By deploying a broad radio paging network you can continue to manage the workforce and share messages to ensure the job gets done smoothly.

Builder with laptop and plans

Engineers, supervisors and other specialised support may not be at the job site every day. With on-call rostering in Ikonix WebConnect, and team communication in Ikonix Connect, every worker can find the appropriate contact, even when people on-site number in the thousands, or are working around the clock.

Radio is the reliable standard for many deployments. Let Ikonix Technology design and paging solution to keep contact with your teams, inside or outside mobile phone coverage. We can then integrate it so your entire team can communicate, with the Ikonix UMS and Ikonix Connect.

Safety and other sensors can capture a massive amount of data, from gas build-up to personnel unmoving. Ikonix Messenger helps you transmit that information to the response teams that need it, such as dispatching repair crews or the site HSE personnel.

Advise your team of safety concerns or jobs complete with secure, private photo sharing within Ikonix Connect. The app takes and stores photos and videos away from the user's own gallery, keeping company information safe.

Are you a constructor building a hospital, or another project with end-customer communication requirements?

Paging system design, procurement and implementation.

Common in both greenfield and brownfield hospital developments is the need to accommodate paging infrastructure. Ikonix technology works with leaders in construction to design and deploy paging solutions. Invite us to contribute to your tender and together we can submit a compelling bid for communications solutions for your client.

Integrating all solutions via the Message Integration Engine.

Constructors are increasingly required to source and install disparate solutions from Building Management Systems to medical gas or nurse calls. Ikonix Messenger, our MIE, brings all these systems to a central point for information distribution. After handover, your client's team can easily manage the brand new asset you've built.