NSW has identified the need for radio paging, to ensure critical messaging.

Health Interior Radio Paging Network (HIRPN) is the critical messaging network used by Sydney Local Health Districts (LHDs). 

Ikonix Technology has maintained the service for several years, including a recent, major upgrade to the Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite.

How significant is HIRPN?

Radio antenna

30+ hospitals in 7 LHDs.


20,000+ users across Sydney.

Three bubbles black

50,000+ pages per day.

Million messages

1 to 1.5 million messages per month.

How does Ikonix Technology contribute?

Ikonix Technology provides support and maintenance for the radio paging solution at each hospital in the seven districts.

This has included receiver and transmitter hardware, antenna systems, and 24-hour, 7-day, 365-days technical support for LHD ICT teams.

Through upgrading the technology, Ikonix Technology has included SMS into the communications stack.

This allows users without pagers to receive outputs from the system — participating hospital switchboard operators can find non-paging staff in their active directory, and push messages out to the SMS gateway through the Telstra network.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT, is the technology used by cordless telephones. 

Through the Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite, hospital staff can use cordless handsets similar to the Ascom d83, and continue to receive messages from the switchboard. 

NSW Health utilises SmartApp for clinical notifications. 

Integrating this into the IUMS has allowed this existing vendor to be connected to the broader critical messaging network.