Powering Australian hospital networks, we have the true specialist solution.

A recent PwC report identified that healthcare is the fastest growing workforce in Australia. Providers will need to adapt how they offer services, include how they adopt new technologies, and how clinicians “consider, coordinate and review care”.

Role-based messaging.

Find the right specialist assistance without thumbing through a phone directory. Ikonix Connect allows clinicians to access colleagues searchable by role type. When you need to consult a cardiologist, you can find them immediately, rather than paging through a switchboard to be contacted by whoever is on-call. Ikonix Technology takes the time and guesswork out of hospital communications.

Person to person communication.

Ikonix Connect offers a secure option for communication within a hospital. Nurses, doctors, or anyone else with an approved health service contact can make voice or video calls, text messages, send pages, and even share files, photos and videos. They can also message groups or one-to-one, with message acknowledgement or accept/reject options, to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Integrating facilities.

Through Ikonix Messenger, the Building Management System (BMS) itself can message the maintenance team, for example, with an accept/decline response required, so the whole group can see when someone is on the case.

Alert staff to equipment malfunctions or issues in HVAC systems, boilers and coolers, blood and pharmacy refrigerators, air quality sensors, and more.

Leverage the dependability of paging.

Large buildings like hospitals can disrupt mobile signals, so clinicians still rely on their pagers. 

With Ikonix Encode, the paging network is connected to your communications infrastructure and integrated with the Unified Messaging Suite, for a truly technology-agnostic approach. Route a message from the switchboard or anyone's Ikonix Connect smartphone app to a pager to be sure it gets there in time.

Recordkeeping and auditing.

In a regulated context like health, you need an auditable log for every event in your communications. Ikonix Technology lets you investigate how, when and to whom messages were sent, so you can be assured of the efficacy of the system and your team. Examine the trail of communication, and who knew what, when. 

Drive patient outcomes and an effective health system with a robust platform.

Staff & asset security.

Equip your team with duress alerts powered by critical communications infrastructure. When needing help in an emergency, alert respondents by location, to ensure a swift safety response.

Diagnostic and other assets need to be mobile, but this makes them hard to locate when needed. Don’t waste time looking for the right hardware with real-time location services.

Ikonix Connect, secure communication for hospitals.

From treating injuries and wounds to viewing diagnostic results, sharing an image is an invaluable clinical aid. In some cases, hospital staff might already be using services to share this information outside your private network. In Ikonix Connect, users can take a photo or video, and send it to a contact or a group. Media captured inside Connect is sequestered away from the user's personal information, and stored encrypted to assure patient privacy.

Finding the right help is critical in an emergency. Most hospitals and health networks employ many thousands of people. With role-based messaging Ikonix Connect users can search by the type of assistance they need and access specialist advice right away, knowing immediately who's on-call, online, and with the right skills to help them or their patient.

Contacting colleagues has never been easier. Ikonix Connect integrates your hospital or LHN's active directory, along with the best contact methods. Users can specify which medium to use, voice & video calling, text messaging, or even a page. Those without hospital-issued phones can also include a personal phone number secure in the knowledge this is kept private, and can be hidden for outgoing calls from the app.

Hospitals have many dynamic and static teams. Maintenance or a nursing department might remain relatively constant, while quick treatment groups can form around a specific patient. With one-to-one and group messaging, Ikonix Connect users can locate and communicate with specific individuals, or create or join custom groups, from everyone who needs to respond to a Code to the specialists helping one patient.

Complete hospital communications technologies.

Keep the paging you know and trust

Paging is still a common technology in many hospitals, and it's still the best option for many applications. By integrating paging into your broader communications system, Ikonix Encode ensures the reliability of radio communications isn't lost. Those that need different functionality can still communicate pager users, either via the Switchboard or Ikonix Connect.

Integrate your facilities and assets

The hospital is filled with technology, capturing data and requiring responses. Whether it's a pharmacy fridge sending temperature alerts, or a security door or duress alarm, Ikonix Messenger captures this information and transmits it to the person or people that need to respond. Messages can be raised to Connect users, to email, or via SMS, to ensure your assets are in safe hands.

Nurse call and mobile duress systems

Modern hospitals now rely on a variety of technologies for patient and staff monitoring. Patients need an effective way to signal for assistance from their bed. Staff need a way to alert colleagues for assistance in a dynamic environment. Ikonix technology supplies and manages networks of patient and staff safety communication technologies, all leveraging the capabilities of Ikonix Messenger, our Message Integration Engine.

A browser-based switchboard built for hospitals

Even with a push toward decentralisation, hospitals still run on the work of their switchboards. Communication flows between and through departments, with people within and external to the hospital reaching out to many thousands of workers on-site. With Ikonix WebConnect, Switchboard teams can operate the communication flows within a single hospital or across an LHN, all from a standard computer browser.