Connect infrastructure and personnel, to enable efficiency.

Care is facing a severe staffing shortage. A KPMG report stated that competition is increasingly from innovative business models, and providers should look to new technologies to improve efficiencies and find better ways to deliver quality, safe care.

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Integrated nurse call and facilities

Integrate your facilities into your communications system. Your nurse call system or IoT applications can be integrated into the network. A patient pressing a button for assistance can have that message pushed to all or a group of staff, rather than a single alert to a fixed station.

Ikonix Technology can also collate other alerts for your clinical, care or maintenance staff. Facility data like HVAC or refrigeration, patient monitoring devices, or the security system can be connected. This lets you more efficiently manage patient care, maintenance and more.


Collaborate across multiple sites

Facing staff shortages and increasing patient to staff ratio requirements, it’s getting harder to deliver quality care. By allowing greater collaboration and enabling role-based contacts, Ikonix Technology supports better outcomes for residents and providers.

A provider with multiple sites in an area might share resources. Personal care attendants on-site meet care minutes targets, but locations might share nurses on-call between facilities, especially in the ramp up to meet increasing nurse care targets. Ensure coverage needs are always met, for both patient needs and regulatory obligations.

Location alarm

Personnel & asset safety

How much time is wasted looking for items during the workday? With real-time location monitoring, Ikonix Technology can provide locator beacons, so computing or diagnostic equipment isn’t lost in a patient room, and not immediately available to help in the next caring task.

This same technology powers duress alerts. If a safety emergency occurs, your team can request immediate assistance with the simplest of switches.

Secure communications with Ikonix Connect

Data security is vital when providing care services. Developed through advice from major hospitals, Ikonix Connect provides an easy and secure way to communicate with colleagues, encryption at both ends of the communication channel, and a private but controlled space for your patient or resident information.

Automated personal and facilities monitoring

Integrating patient monitoring and nurse call, asset management and security solutions is easy with Ikonix Messenger. Our Message Integration Engine powers critical asset communication, taking in data from a plethora of connections, and then transmitting that to the people that need that information in time to make critical decisions.

Role-based communication across locations

We understand that staffing and resourcing is an increasing concern in the care sector. Personnel might be shared across multiple sites, or simply on-call for large organisations at a single premises. With role-based communication, Ikonix Connect pulls from your active directory to help your team contact the right team members by job type, ensuring they can find and access the best help for your residents.

Message acknowledgement and accept/reject response

With many people filling different roles across the organisation and a never ending list of tasks to be done, you need to know someone has received a request. When sending a message either from the Switchboard in Ikonix WebConnect, or person to person or group in Ikonix Connect, you can attach the requirement for a response. Either a simple acknowledgement, or an accept/reject task query. Groups can see who has responded, and you can be sure someone (or everyone) is on the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a patient or resident activates the nurse call, a message is ingested by Ikonix Messenger, and then conveyed to an intended audience following a defined workflow. This can result in an Ikonix Connect message, a page or more.

Ikonix Technology has extensive experience deploying and supporting the Ascom systems, and we have also worked with other vendors’ systems to expand the messaging outcomes of their products. These include Acetek, Hills Health, Merlon, Questek, Rauland and more.

In-home care for elderly or disabled people means maintaining a mobile field workforce travelling between locations. Often, technology is set up inside those locations that can assist in monitoring those under your care, in case of falls or other safety issues.

By deploying Ikonix Connect to your team, you provide mobile phone users with a critical messaging platform that can integrate with alerting technologies. It also integrates into your organisation directory, so field workers can share images for compliance or medical consultation purposes.

Medical information is subject to rigorous compliance regimes due to its inherent sensitivities. This is why Ikonix Technology hosts in your choice of two secure methods: on premises deployments to your own controlled infrastructure, or to cloud providers utilising onshore data centres, such as AWS. This ensures data never leaves Australia. It is also held in an AES-256 encrypted state, accessible only by specified personnel, achieving unparalleled security assurance.

With contact hours mandates to provide service to your residents, organisations need to monitor worker flow, and communicate. By integrating RTLS solutions we can help monitor as personnel enter or leave rooms, providing the data required to calculate care contact time without individual note taking.

Ikonix Connect also offers quick job dispatch and acknowledgement, so your team can be routed to the right resident, ensuring that the message is seen and acted upon, for consistent coverage. Connect also brings the team together in one communication app, allowing care teams to coordinate amongst themselves, to drive contact hours compliance.

The software also includes a rostering solution, visible to all team members, with on-call shifts able to be handed over, ensuring no gaps in coverage. If someone goes offline, critical messages are routed around them, so they do not interrupt mandated contact hours with your residents.

Using whichever technologies are most appropriate for your facility, you can contact the right person, on-call and available to assist. This reduces time waiting for responses or misdirected communications. When someone goes offline in Ikonix Connect, messaging to their role is routed to the next available person.

Critical messages can override the silent settings on a phone, ensuring someone online always gets the message when there is an emergency, such as the duty nurse or a responding doctor. These can escalate following your choice of workflows, should recipients not be able to respond swiftly enough.

The hardware Ikonix Technology can provide is always IP-rated for liquid or dustproofing. This means handsets such as the Ascom Myco series can be sanitised to prevent the spread of pathogens.

The next step is to entirely remove contact between people and surfaces. Using a display system such as Ikonix Billboard means a message can be sent to an area, such as a nurse station, and visible without even touching their device. Less surface contact means less chance of contamination.

The Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite is at its core, a critical messaging platform. This means it has been built specifically to ensure messages are delivered quickly, efficiently, and in time for an emergency response, with surety of delivery.

The IUMS integrates personal alarms or duress beacons to automate broadcast is someone needs emergency assistance, such as in a Code call. The MIE, Ikonix Messenger, also integrates with facility or clinical systems that can raise their own alerts, so that clinical teams are delivered priority messages. A key example is the integration of nurse call systems, such as the Ascom Telligence platform.