Ensure that staff reliably receive crucial paging messages, no matter where they are in building.

Maintaining dependable communication signal coverage within modern, intricate buildings is a complex task. With Ikonix Technology's expertly designed and installed in-building paging Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), your staff can be confident they'll receive vital paging messages even while on the move through your facility.

A DAS can overcome signal barriers in complex installations.

Ikonix Technology works with our clients to design, deliver and deploy customised distributed antenna systems for major works. This includes in prominent healthcare facilities throughout Australia, facing signal challenges due to concrete walls, extensive underground levels, or location-specific considerations such as x-ray shielding.

Worker on laptop in facility services infrastructure

Testing and upgrading networks for better communication.

As infrastructure evolves through new construction and redevelopments, it's common for signal coverage problems to emerge in established paging networks. Ikonix Technology's service technicians are available to visit your site and perform thorough signal strength audits. We can then propose cost-effective solutions to enhance signal reliability, ensuring your messages consistently reach your team members, no matter where they are on-site.

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