The latest version of the Ikonix Unified Messaging Suite is being rolled out.

Our IUMS customers now have access to major new features, including ability to operate Ikonix Connect, as well as some updates to improve functionality.

Enabling critical messaging with Ikonix Connect.

With Connect, users have access to a range of communication features, including messaging, paging, voice and video calls, secure file and photo sharing, and the ability to identify and contact on-call personnel based on their roles. Connect brings your organisation's directory to the palm of your hand. The new IUMS version allows Connect to be deployed across an organisation.

Learn more about Ikonix Connect here.

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Manage on-call rosters in WebConnect.

In many cases, we've found department administrators are sending on-call rosters to their switchboard teams for input and reference.

With this update Administrators or Department Managers can create and edit on-call roles and rosters within WebConnect themselves.

From the new Roster menu option, users with the right permission levels can easily create rosters by dragging names into roster slots. They can also create a template for recurring shift patterns to speed up the process of generating repeated schedules.

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Simpler on-call rostering.

A new on-call roster page template has been developed for customer intranets.

On this page, all employees have convenient access to view the current on-call personnel and their nominated contact details for any role across your IUMS network, both at the present moment and scheduled into the future.

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Updates to existing features of the IUMS.

Many switchboard operators work across multiple locations in a health network. For operators using WebConnect to support multiple sites, the site name (e.g., Royal Adelaide Hospital) will now appear as a browser page name.

This allows easier verification that you're using the right hospital's system and directory.

Select and save your search preferences when searching the directory with Search Options. 

Selecting required fields only will improve the return results based on the search criteria, making it easier to find contacts.

When using an Alias to send messages, Recent Messages will display all messages sent by any user using that Alias. For instance, using a 'Switchboard' Alias allows you to view recent messages from all Switchboard operators.

Columns in the Hotkey Management, Network Diversions, and User Management settings can now be sorted by selecting the arrow next to the column heading.

Many hospitals and other facilities use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones for team communication.

These are now more closely integrated into the system, allowing users to message a DECT cordless handset through the IUMS.

Static Reports is now Report Generator. Reports is now Message History. These should make it easier to find what you're looking for. 

Message History now also returns results for extended date ranges.