Information can flow through a hospital in four key ways.

From person to person, from system to person, from system to system, or multiple points in a seamless, integrated network. Powered by Ikonix Messenger MIE, the Integrated hospital should be the goal of modern healthcare.

Integrated workforce

Person to person.

Promote teamwork and collaboration among clinicians, administrators, and support staff. Enable seamless person-to-person communication, fostering a culture of cooperation within the hospital setting. Teams can make informed decisions, share critical patient information, and coordinate care effectively. This approach improves workforce cohesion and accelerates the delivery of patient care, ultimately enhancing the quality and outcomes of healthcare services. 

Ikonix Technology collaborates with hospitals to enhance and integrate communication sources, spanning from SMS gateways to our tailor-made communication application, Ikonix Connect.

System to person

System to person.

Hospitals rely on a wide range of technology, both integrated into and complementing their existing systems. 

Ikonix Technology works with our clients and their technology partners to integrate these systems into their communication stack, enabling efficient information flow to the workforce.

Through our Messenger MIE platform, data is received from various hospital systems and delivered as actionable information for timely personnel responses. For instance, a pharmacy fridge can alert pharmacists and on-call maintenance teams about temperature fluctuations, or duress alarms can notify the closest security staff for an immediate on-site response.

Integrated systems

System to system.

Advancing the concept of an Integrated Hospital, the Messenger MIE enables swift and contextually precise responses by seamlessly linking various systems, triggering and recording actions autonomously, without human intervention.

A patient's completed infusion triggers a notification on a nurse's wearable device. Smoke is detected and so annunciators display visual alerts.

Through the integration of diverse vendor technologies, Ikonix Messenger becomes the central hub for vital care and operational data within your hospital.

Integrated hospital

Multi-point, integrated functionality.

In a hospital where everything works together seamlessly, it's important to find the right balance between what machines can do on their own and what people need to handle. Ikonix Technology helps hospitals and their technology partners to find the right balance.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in hospital operations, we collaborate closely with hospital teams to establish preferred workflows, create data integrations to link communication channels, and effectively distribute information to both individuals and systems.

The ecosystem of connected technology.

Carlo Reveruzzi portrait

Carlo Reveruzzi

Carlo works closely with healthcare services including major hospitals across Australia. A qualified engineer and a Director at Ikonix Technology, these combine to give him a keen understanding of the needs of clinicians and health services, as well as the possibilities available with integrated technologies.