You might have noticed a few things have been updated.

Ikonix Technology is reinvesting in our customers and our growth. We’ve taken feedback from customers and know they’d like to know more about our innovations. The website is the first step of many.

Deeper engagement with our audiences.

We’re planning to use this new platform to better engage with customers, existing and new. Our hospital and healthcare partners use solutions such as Ikonix WebConnect or Ikonix Encode every day – often without even knowing it! 

Learning more about the products can help our customers and their teams get even more out of the solution they have.

This is also an opportunity for Ikonix Technology to show how the technologies we’ve built for the complexities of the health sector can be deployed to new industries and new customers. Our communications expertise is perfect for any setting, so we are excited at the chance to better demonstrate this.

This website goes into greater depth about how and why Ikonix Technology helps customer organisations improve communication to get the job done. Our extensive experience supporting LHNs and other major organisations across Australia gives us a strong foundation to discuss enterprise communications, critical messaging and more.

In the news section of the site, you’ll find updates on us and the industry at large, but also analysis and studies of other customers, and how they’re improving efficiency in their organisations.

We are confident that this will deliver a deeper, richer content experience for users. We will also have established a place to discuss our growing portfolio of products and services, as well as things going on within the brand. Ikonix Technology is an organisation driven by innovation, and getting this information out to new and existing customers is integral to improving organisation communication for all.

Stay in touch.

Of course, we understand you don’t have time to keep checking back for updates from us. If you’d like to hear more about product updates, analysis and opinion, or other news, you can sign up for our newsletter.

In the footer of every page is a place to leave your email, and we’ll include you in our own communications, when we release new updates or have something significant to share.