Airista A1

AiRISTA A1 Personnel Tag

  • Track personnel for wander management or social distancing
  • Bluetooth tracking within your premises
  • Long-life coin-style battery

This personal RTLS tracking tag can be worn by personnel or guests to monitor movement (e.g. patient/resident wandering), including social distancing or entering secure areas. Using Bluetooth Low Energy and incorporating an accelerometer, it can be worn as a fob, or on a wristband (sold separately). The tag’s face also features a customisable button to generate the response you require, such as summoning security or nursing support, or task completion.

  • Network: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.1, 4.2 & 5+
  • Interface: customisable push button
  • Size: 40 (diameter) x 7mm, 23g (excl wristband)
  • Battery: 225mA CR2032 coin battery (2+ years operating life)

Tracking people and assets has become much more convenient and cost effective.

Wearing this tracker as a fob or on a wristband, you can track your employees, guests, visitors or patients, including offering them the ability to activate a customised event, such as requesting help.