Airista A7

AiRISTA A7 Asset Tag

  • Bluetooth tag for sub-metre asset tracking
  • Long-life coin-style battery
  • Small and discreet form-factor
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This small form factor asset tag utilises the technological improvements of BLE to provide you with sub-metre accuracy for asset locations. Simply affix this unit to your assets with double sided tape or Velcro, and using its programmable interval beaconing, it will pulse to identify your asset’s location.

  • Network: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.1, 4.2 & 5+
  • Size: 37.6 x 24 x 5.3mm, 7g (including battery)
  • Battery: 225mA CR2032 coin battery (2+ years operating life)

At just 7 grams, this small asset beacon keeps you informed of your asset locations.

Attach this tag to any asset you need to protect and at customisable intervals it will broadcast its presence to your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network for as long as two years, with a replaceable battery.