Airista Gateway

AiRISTA AoA Gateway

  • Implement a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network
  • Power tracking for your personnel and assets
  • Sleek form factor for discreet installations

Add location tracking RTLS connectivity with this Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateway. With the arrival of BLE 5.0, you can gain accuracy to under one metre for asset or personnel tags using this gateway.

Installed much like a Wi-Fi router or range extender and with a sleek, slim form factor, these gateways are placed throughout your facility to broadcast a Bluetooth signal and interact with a suite of associated tags. This system uses Angle of Arrival to assess where a responding tag is by interpreting the angle and strength of a signal sent back from the tag, identifiable within the AiRISTA software system, or displayed on a system such as Ikonix Billboard.

  • Network: BLE 5.0 (tag network broadcast; 802.11 b/g/n (network attachment)
  • Antennas: 1 x internal omnidirectional and 1x x AoA antenna with 16 micro antennas
  • Current: 1A
  • Interface: HTTP management over LAN
  • Size: 168.4 x 118.9 x 41mm, 290g

To utilise BLE asset and personnel tracking, you need a network.

Gateways such as this form the backbone of an asset or personnel tracking solution. Ikonix Technology can work with you to develop and deploy a system built for your needs.