Apollo AT 100 Pager

Apollo AT-100 Pager

  • White backlit screen 36.8 x 49.6mm, 8 Lines, 16 Capcodes
  • IP67-rated water and dust-proof
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 30 days standby

This IP67-rated pager offers a large backlit LDC screen and a rechargeable battery, making it one of the most versatile pagers available. It supports Type-C charging and programming and both UHF and VHF frequencies, manually programmable on the device through a password.

This device can used in with nurse call paging systems, commercial facilities, restaurant pagers, and offices equipped with their own internal paging transmitters. Its waterproofing and dustproofing allows it to be disinfected, and more durable.

  • Display 8 text line display with zoom, up to 128 alphanumeric characters, on backlit TFT LCD
  • Battery: 1150mAh rechargeable battery, using USB-C
  • Capcodes: Up to 16 (POCSAG)
  • Memory: 259,062 characters across 16 memory slots, unread message reminder
  • Alerts: Beep alerts with LED flash, or vibration; sounds up to 90db at 10cm; or fully silent.
  • Frequency: VHF 100~174Mhz, UHF 400~470Mhz
  • Size: 94.5 x 54.6 x 23.2mm

A large screen, programmable frequencies, waterproofing and a rechargeable battery, make the AT100 a truly versatile pager.

Paging remains one of the most reliable communication technologies for critical messaging. Ikonix Technology can design and deliver a comprehensive paging solution for your organisation, including the supply of pagers to keep you team in communication.