Ikonix KX 780 Pager

Ikonix Technology KX-780 Pager

  • Backlit 4-line message display or 2-line zoom mode
  • 6 CAPCODE capacity
  • AAA battery, belt holster with lanyard chain supplied as standard

This compact alphanumeric pager features a backlit LCD screen and is designed to be durable. It needs only a single AAA battery for up to four weeks. With multiple alerting tones, vibration, a battery warning, and message reminders, the KX-780 is an affordable pager for robust usage as seen in healthcare. This pager also ships with a belt holster and lanyard chain for portability.

  • Display 4 text line display with 2-line zoom option, on backlit TFT LCD
  • Battery: 1 x AAA battery
  • Capcodes: Up to 6 (POCSAG)
  • Memory: 32 message slots with up to 300 characters each
  • Alerts: 16 user-selectable tones with reminder and battery alerts, plus vibration
  • Frequency: UHF 450 -470 MHz
  • Size: 68 x 47 x 17 mm, <50g

The KX-780 is a versatile, durable pager for healthcare or any other industry needing radio communication.

Paging remains one of the most reliable communication technologies for critical messaging. Ikonix Technology can design and deliver a comprehensive paging solution for your organisation, including the supply of pagers to keep you team in communication.