Wi Path PDR3000 Data Receiver

WiPath PDR3000 Paging Data Receiver

  • POCSAG encoder for message monitoring and printing.
  • LED Sign Control, remote switching, nurse call, or plant monitoring and control.
  • Prints messages to a parallel or serial printer.

The WiPath PDR3000 is a paging data receiver decoder and pager. Its outputs include two serial ports and multiple formats and protocols. Those serial connections can link to a printer for message record-keeping. Used often for broadcast, rebroadcast and paging infill for Nurse Call or plant monitoring ands control, the PDR3000 includes a facility to find and replace text within incoming messages.

  • Capcodes: 2000+ (POCSAG)
  • Outputs: 1 x parallel, 2 x serial, 4 relays, 12 alarm inputs
  • Frequency: 134-139, 148-174, 408-412, 450-470, 929-932 MHz
  • Size: 220 x 70 x 30mm

Interpret and update, and rebroadcast paging messages with the PDR3000.

Ikonix Technology is the exclusive Australian distributor for WiPath’s range of paging technologies to support a comprehensive paging solution for your organisation.