Salcom transmitter

Salcom Transmitter 20-62

  • VHF or UHF with user-programmable power outputs from 50 milliwatts to 5 watts
  • NRZ or POCSAG transmitter. The built-in POCSAG encoder enabled as required.
  • RS232 serial, USB port and Ethernet.

The Salcom 20-62 is a user-programmable power VHF or UHF transmitter with an output ranging from 50milliwatts to 5 watts. It can be tuned across its full frequency range with no hardware adjustments and configured to operate remotely or be controlled to provide numeric, alphanumeric and tone only POCSAG messaging.

It features USB and RS232 ports to initiate paging transmissions using several industry standard protocols including Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP/PET/IXO) and Telocator Network Paging Protocol (TNPP v3.8), as well as the Salcom proprietary protocol.

  • Four discrete switch inputs are available which may be used to initiate messages or relay commands for remote control applications. Capcodes: 1,000 (POCSAG), importable via CSV or TXT file through Configuration Tool
  • Mounting: durable aluminium case for indoor use
  • Connectors: SMA: RF Output; RJ-12 (6P6C); Two RS-232 serial ports; USB-mini: USB-2 serial; RJ-45 (8P8C) Inputs and Outputs; Network RJ-45: Ethernet; Pluggable Terminal Block: DC Power in
  • Frequency: 140 - 174 MHz or 427.5 - 475 MHz UHF
  • Size: 130mm x 31mm x 125mm, 320g

Elevate your communication infrastructure with this Salcom transmitter.

The Salcom 20-62 transmitter offers robust communication capabilities with a wide operating range, ideal for various applications, ensuring reliable messaging.