STI VHF Transmitter

STI Engineering VHF Transmitter

  • All industry standard POCSAG and FLEX paging formats
  • High power output (selectable from 20 W - 250 W)
  • Full VHF Band coverage (138 - 174MHz)

City- and statewide paging systems need robust and powerful infrastructure. This VHF transmitter by STI Engineering is built for commercial, health and emergency services usage where reliable simulcast overlapped coverage is critical.

It can be used as a standalone unit for covering a campus or building, or as a part of a wide area network for extensive coverage. This transmitter offers high power output (selectable from 20 W - 250 W), and full VHF Band coverage (138 - 174MHz).

  • Transmit Power: 20 W to 250 W software selectable in 1 W steps
  • Compliance: AS/NZS 4769.1, AS-4295:1995; CFR 47 Part 15 and Part 90: ETSI EN 300 113; ETSI EN 301 489; EN 60950; RoHS (scheduled)
  • Frequency: 138 MHz to 174 MHz
  • Mounting: rack mount
  • Size: 480 x 395 x 177 mm, 14kg

Transform your communication capabilities with the STI Engineering VHF transmitter.

Ikonix Technology operates multiple city and statewide paging networks for hospital districts and emergency services. We can help you design and deliver a complete paging solution.