Unication Alpha Elegant

Unication Alpha Elegant

  • 4- and 2-line backlit display
  • 8 capcode capacity for POCSAG
  • AA Battery

The Unication Alpha Elegant Pager merges practicality with performance, offering professionals a streamlined communication tool. Its compact design houses advanced features like customisable alerts and broad compatibility, ensuring reliable messaging across diverse industries. Ideal for users prioritising efficiency and functionality in their communication devices.

  • Display 2-4 text line display, 20 alphanumeric characters per line, on backlit LCD with brightness sensor
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery
  • Capcodes: Up to 8 (POCSAG)
  • Memory: 32KB memory capacity
  • Messaging: duplicate message detection, on/off duty receiving mode
  • Alerts: 7 alert modes, 16 audio and 2 vibrating alerts, reminder alert selectable; volume to 80db at 30cm
  • Frequency: UHF 450~932 MHz, VHF 137~174 MHz
  • Size: 80.1 x 55.0 x 18.5mm, 87.5g

The Alpha Legend model is also available by special order from our supplier.

Upgrade communication reliability with Unication Alpha Elegant Pager

Paging remains one of the most reliable communication technologies for critical messaging. Ikonix Technology can design and deliver a comprehensive paging solution for your organisation, including the supply of pagers to keep you team in communication.