Unication Alpha Elegant

Unication Alpha Legend Secure+

  • Backlit LCD 2-4 text line display
  • AES-128 encryption capability
  • AA battery

The Unication Alpha Legend Secure Pager is a robust communication device designed for critical messaging needs. Offering advanced encryption and reliability, it ensures secure transmission of vital information. Its features multiple alert tones and modes and can automatically detect narrow and wide band networks.

  • Display 2-4 text line display, 20 alphanumeric characters per line, on backlit LCD with brightness sensor
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery
  • Capcodes: Up to 8 (POCSAG)
  • Memory: 32KB memory capacity
  • Messaging: AES-128 encryption capability, duplicate message detection, on/off duty receiving mode
  • Alerts: 7 alert modes, 16 audio and 2 vibrating alerts, reminder alert selectable; volume to 80db at 30cm
  • Frequency: UHF 450~932 MHz, VHF 137~174 MHz
  • Size: 80.1 x 55.0 x 18.5mm, 87g

Ikonix Technology is leading the way on secure communications, including paging.

Using a pager such as the Alpha Legend Secure with Ikonix Encode, you can be more assured your organisation is complying with Australian privacy Principles and protected from message interception. More on encryption here.