Site-specific paging for less intensive requirements.

Many locations don't need to scale up to multiple locations and complex encoding and transmission solutions. Ikonix Technology offers a range of paging solutions for a less complex environment.

Enclosed systems for a simple paging alert.

Where a workplace needs a basic connection, Ikonix Technology deploys solutions such as the SitePage, connected to integrated solutions on-site. Connect the paging infrastructure to your fire system, for example, and let the safety team know when an alarm is activated.

Fire safety panel closeup

Simple systems customised to your needs.

Ikonix Technology has designed and deployed combined paging infrastructure for a diverse portfolio of clients, including

  • Hospitality and amusement facilities,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Agribusiness,
  • Infrastructure and utilities,
  • Education providers, and 
  • the disability care sector.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and environment, and match a transmission and receiver system that ensures your messages get to where they need to be.

Overhead shot of worker with tablet walking through warehouse

Page your customers for better service.

In customer service settings such as hospitality, give your clientele a pager, and send a message for them to return to the counter for their ready order. With a basic transmitter such as the Apollo TE-505 and a set of coaster pagers (pictured), you can create a seamless service experience.

A06 pager offset